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Jackalope Statue in Jackson, Wyoming

Herding Jackalopes: Dealing with Diverse Physical Environments

One of the quirkier pieces of American Western folklore is the “jackalope”. This mythical creature – a jackrabbit with the horns of antelope, deer, or goat – is based on a real virus that causes rabbits to grow horn-like growths. A small industry has grown from this legendary creature, including postcards, hunting licenses, mounted heads, […]

Universal Studios Singapore (source: Walter Lim, Wikicommons)

Sesame Street Grows Up

Since I grew up watching children’s television in the 1970s and 1980s, I was definitely intrigued by a recent poll asking the question: How did Sesame Street influence your childhood perceptions of urban neighborhoods? There is no question in my mind that Sesame Street gave me a positive view of urban neighborhoods. My childhood was […]